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Sillites® Accessories

The Sillites Photo-Cell (Cat # PCW) will screw into any candelabra base socket; and will accept any incandescent candelabra base lamp up to 75 watts. The photo-cell turns the lamp on at sunset and off at sunrise. Besides our candles, it is a great energy saving option for outdoor coach lights. The PCW includes a white PVC sleeve to conceal the photo-cell once installed.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum 75 Watts 120VAC
  • Works With Incandescent Bulbs
  • Activates With Natural Sunlight
  • Use Outdoor Inside Rain-Tight Fixtures Only
  • In 3-Bulb Candelabra Fixtures, Point All Control Nozzles Away From Light Bulbs.
  • Not Suitable For Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
  • PCW ships with a replacement PVC sleeve with a notch to conceal the added height of the PCW on the candle.