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Frequently asked questions about Sillites®

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1. How are Sillites® candles different from other window candles I have seen?

With Sillites®, you totally eliminate the need for extension cords, thereby removing the ugliness and hazards associated with them. Moreover, Sillites® present a rigid and secure installation by virtue of being mounted with a standard three-pronged grounded plug. Sillites® candles can also be wired together so that they can be controlled from a single switch, timer or photo-cell.

Sillites® candles include a 7-1/2 watt bulb that is safe to touch. The bulbs are available at any Lowe's, True Value Hardware or any lighting store; so they are easy to replace the day of your big party, (unlike low voltage candles that use a hard to find proprietary bulb). The 3 watt flicker bulbs can also be used in our candles. We offer the standard 7" tall candle and also a 9" tall candle to look appropriate in larger windows.

There are no transformers to fail in the Sillites® candle, whereas the low voltage system has two &mdash a remote mounted primary transformer, which steps the power from 120v to 24v, and a second transformer in each candle shaft to step the 24v down to 12v &mdash thus there are many points of potential failure.

Since Sillites® candles operate on standard 120v power: the Sillites® self-contained receptacle (SCR) is wired with standard Romex wire and can easily be added to an existing home by simply drilling a hole in the existing window sill and running the wire through the wall to the nearest outlet; (this is especially easy if your house is already wired with a “holiday circuit” of switched outlets beneath each window). Please see the RR9, remodel receptacle, designed for easy retro-fitting into existing 2" or wider windowsills.

The self-contained receptacle (SCR) mounts flush and can be used to operate any 120v lamp or appliance; not just the Sillites® candle.

2. Can I install Sillites® in my existing finished window sills?

Yes! The RR9 Remodel Receptacle is specifically designed for installation into existing windowsills 2” or wider. A hole is drilled in the windowsill and the wire is “fished” through the wall to the nearest existing receptacle. Please see the complete instructions on the Installation-Remodeling page.

If your existing windowsill is 4-1/2” or wider, or you have “picture frame” type windows with a shelf that extends 2-1/4” or more into the wall, the original SCR can be retro-fitted in the same manner (the lower portion of the SCR will extend into the wall cavity).

3. Can I use the Sillites® Self-Contained Receptacle (SCR) as a regular outlet?

Certainly! The Sillites® SCR is a standard 15 amp electrical receptacle (except that it does not need to be mounted into a junction box) and you can plug any 120 volt item you like into it. Since it is a lot easier to drill a round hole in wood, rather than cut out for a square junction box, the SCR is the perfect choice for fireplace mantels, the sides of kitchen islands, built-in cabinets, hardwood floors, etc. Please see the Self-Contained Receptacle page for illustrated installation methods.

4. Can the SCR receptacle be installed in floors?

Yes – The Antique Bronze (#FRAB) and Brushed Nickel (#FRBN) floor ring can be added to the Sillites® SCR to allow the SCR to be installed in wood, carpet or tile covered floors. The SCR/FR combination is an ETL Listed floor receptacle and has been tested to meet the UL 514D tests for scrub-water exclusion and the ability to support a 300 lb. load.

5. Are Sillites® approved by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory?

Yes – Sillites® products are tested and listed with ETL or UL.

6. Does the Sillites® SCR meet the 2008 NEC requirement (section 406.11) for tamper resistant receptacles?

Yes – The SCR has an internal shutter system, which prevents the insertion of foreign objects like a screw driver, into the receptacle. Both shutters need to be engaged at the same time to allow the plug to reach through to the electrical contacts.

7. Is it safe to touch the bulb (lamp) in the Sillites® candle when it is on?

Yes! The Sillites® candles include a 7 watt bulb that is safe to touch whether on or off.

8. What decorator options are available for Sillites®?

Sillites® are available in two heights: 7” and 9”, and four finishes: Antique Bronze (AB), Brushed Satin Nickel (BN), Matte Black (MB), and Polished Brass (PB). Beeswax sleeves (yes they are real beeswax with a hardener added to prevent melting) in an ivory or a golden (light beige) finish are available as an accessory to replace the standard gloss white sleeve provided with each candle. See the various choices here: Sillites® Options

The Sillites® self-contained receptacle is available in black (#SCRMB) and white (#SCRW), and includes a cover cap which can be painted to match in the field.

9. How do I pre-wire my home for Sillites®?

Just like wiring for standard electrical outlets: have your electrician run standard Romex wire to each location where the SCR is to be installed. The SCR will accept one or two sections of 14/2 or 12/2 Romex. Please visit the Original SCR page to download the instruction sheets.

10. Can Sillites be installed with “picture frame” type windows without a conventional stool?

Yes - So long as the bottom shelf is 2-1/4” or wider, the SCR will drop into a 1-3/4” diameter hole and extend into the wall cavity.

Note that if the window is centered over a stud in the wall, the electrician simply drills a horizontal hole in the stud and then the 1-3/4” mounting hole is drilled to connect into the first hole, thus creating a path for the wires to reach the SCR (see picture).

11. Are samples available?

Of course! Simply contact us at (770) 755-5654 or Email Us.

12. Does the NEC allow an outlet to be installed in a “face up” position?

Yes, per the National Electric Code, outlets can be installed “face up” indoors in dry & damp locations, except on a kitchen or bathroom work surface (they can be mounted vertically in the riser or on the side of the cabinet). The Sillites® SCR can also be wired to a GFI outlet or breaker, just like a standard receptacle, to become a GFI protected outlet.

13. Can a 15 amp rated receptacle, like the SCR be used on a 20 amp circuit?

Yes – The NEC allows 15 amp rated receptacles to be connected to a 20 amp circuit, so long as there are at least two 15 amp rated receptacles connected to the circuit; e.g. one on each side of a kitchen island.

14. How do you turn Sillites® on and off?

The most common method in new construction is to wire the receptacles to one or two switches or timers to control them all from a single location. If remodeling, the PCW photo cell can be screwed into the Sillites® candle, under the bulb, to automatically turn a single candle on from dusk to dawn and off during the day. Note that the PCW will also work with any incandescent candelabra socket in your coach or post top light fixtures, but it cannot be used with our beeswax sleeves.

15. Will the Sillites® candle plug into a standard receptacle?

Certainly. If your house has standard square box receptacles already installed in the window sills or mantel, then you only need to purchase the Sillites® candles and plug them in! If you have traditional floor receptacles, you’ll need to order the “extended plug” version of the SL7 candle.

16. Where can I get replacement bulbs for Sillites®?

The 7-1/2 light bulb included in Sillites® candles can be found at Ace Hardware (item #3272465), True Value Hardware (item #682898), Lowe's (item #238070) and at any lighting showroom (ask for 7 watt type CA-5 flame tip bulbs). Also, the 3 watt flicker flame, CA-5 bulbs can be used.

17. Can I use any LED lamps in the Sillites candles?

Yes – Any of the candelabra based LED lamps available of 7-1/2 watts or less, that operate on 120 volt AC 60 Hz power, can be used in the Sillites candles.